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Entry #9

Gun Sounds!

2009-08-05 01:35:30 by MortalSymphony

I'm doing my own little poll... again. My question to you is: which one of the following is the best?

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Now, I repeat, which one of these is the best, judging by the quality of the video and song overall?


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2009-08-05 01:47:20

Madness gun sounds by far the best one overall

MortalSymphony responds:

Madness? PSSSH


2009-08-05 01:53:23



2009-08-05 02:00:45



2009-08-05 02:35:21

Definitely Fallout 3 gun sounds.


2009-08-05 02:35:59

Fabulous: Fallout 3,Golden: Madness

MortalSymphony responds:

But which is better? Fabulous or Golden?


2009-08-05 03:43:32

Madness has the better weapons sound quality,but TF2 wins that the music it has bass too


2009-08-05 04:38:24

Hai guys this is some pretty awesome music


2009-08-05 04:54:52

Fallout and Madness are awesome. Good job.


2009-08-05 07:28:40

The madness one :P


2009-08-05 11:20:37

this isn't youtube don't post that crap like gun sounds.


2009-08-05 11:47:58

TF2 + how did you get the background black as the spy i want 2 know :3

MortalSymphony responds:

I don't know what part you're talking about.


2009-08-05 12:18:01

Madness was definately the best. TF2 was pretty boring and Fallout 3 didn't even sound like guns half the time. And Madness was the only one that acually looked like a music video as wel as sounding the best.


2009-08-05 13:37:58

there is also a CoD4 gun song
but idk if it was made by you

MortalSymphony responds:



2009-08-05 13:48:51



2009-08-05 15:32:31

Well I'll have to go with TF2 but UT3 has the best gun sounds!


2009-08-06 10:59:13

TF2 Gun sounds.


2009-08-06 11:00:39

More detailed, From best and going down,

1: TF2 GS
2: Fallout 3 GS
3: Madness GS


2009-08-06 23:40:27

Team fortress 2 definetely had the best song.

But the fallout 3 one was cool because you put in other stuff like the exploding of megaton.


2009-08-07 05:54:25

personally i would say the cod4 one that serpento99 done that u entirely ripped off without a modicum of respect to him and not mentioning that u were not the original creator of the idea or the song .....

(Updated ) MortalSymphony responds:

Read my response to your review you little fuck face. You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Here, let me copy it here.

"You are such an idiot. Listen to them both at the same time. They are similar, yet far from the same, and if you say that them being similar is stealing then you must think every gun sounds song ever made was stolen because they all sound similar. You're acting like I just recreated the beat with new sounds while when I made this I didn't even listen to Serpento's song. Get a life dude and listen carefully before judging. And if you're saying that I stole "the idea" then that's wrong too because Serpento wasn't the first one to do gun sound songs. The first I know was Ballad of Black Mesa and Counter Strike Gun Sounds however if you were to just youtube "gun sounds" you would find tons and tons of these. Go die."

Also, I never claimed to be the original creator of this idea and I never will because I wasn't. There you go asshole.


2009-08-12 01:00:50

This is why I like the second amendment in the states, you find guns to be musical instruments. This is the most fucking amazing thing I seen down with gun sound effects by far...BY FAR! Also be sure to mix your things better the Fallout 3 one started to sound a little bit,(and I mean a little bit) like the TF2 one. Either way what you have done is stupendous, and I commend you. Good luck on your future endeavors!



2009-08-13 19:55:21

That's a pretty difficult decision you have given me to make. Hmm... it's a tossup between TF2 and Fallout 3. I really can't decide.


2009-08-14 14:06:00

this sin't youtube retard stop posting video game crap like that acually make a flash or get off retard.

MortalSymphony responds:

Take two of the nuggets
and shove them
up your ass


2009-08-14 23:37:43

Score currently stands at:

Team Fortress - 10
Madness - 6
Fallout - 6


2009-08-15 18:13:15

really nice job sounds a little dirty house to me like dj chuckie :P


2009-08-16 09:18:34

Well, my inner Bethesda fanboy is telling me to go with fallout, but honestly, I loved the fell of the Madness one more.

They were all awesome, so i'm gonna make a list of best to great.

1: Madness
2: Fallout
3: Team Fortress 2


2009-08-16 14:29:59

Arrgh!! I can't decide between Madness or Fallout 3!!


2009-08-18 05:12:23

fallout3 FTW


2009-08-18 13:44:52

i say the madness gun sounds, i think it has a better beat.


2009-08-24 13:21:32

The maddness gun sounds!


2009-09-11 17:42:02

1. Fallout 3
2. Teamfortress
3. Madness.
They're all pretty great its hard to judge.


2009-09-11 17:46:05

Hey would there be any chance that you could send me a laser pistol + Laser rifle sounds, is just i've been looking for high quality sounds and i can seem to get my hands on any, If you could that'll be great.


2009-10-02 17:15:15

The TF2 one sucked. Take one point away from that and add half a point each to the Fallout 3 and Madness ones.


2009-10-02 17:15:42

Make one based on the TimeSplitters series.


2009-11-26 11:43:33

to me it is clearly the second one of madness combat, because at that one, i really could hear the gun firing and witniss the gun firing completely, at the other ones I couldn't do it too well.


2010-09-12 16:31:02



2010-10-20 19:58:01

TF2 all the way.


2011-01-25 22:22:48

Fallout 3 gun sounds i think is great you should play fallout 1&2 they were great games but i dont know why they got bought out???


2011-02-13 02:35:34

TF2 gun sounds


2012-03-20 18:14:17

tf2 rocks, fallout is unbeatable and madness is very... (cackle)

out of your question who is the guy in the begining of fallout 3?


2012-03-27 17:32:59

Who buyed fallout 3 i have a trick, you need to imput console command player.additem 11bacb 1
and then imput player.equipitem 11bacb.To revert to the old pipboy imput player.equipitem15038

(note: this only functions in the pc version